Celebrating the true significance of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s really been a while. I’ve been away from blogging because I needed time to disconnect for a while but I’m back fully.😊

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I’m happy it’s Christmas. It is my favorite festive periodπŸ’ƒπŸ½

Many of us celebrate Christmas without even having a knowledge of its true meaning.

Christmas is a season of love and joy. It is a time we commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who came into this world to sacrifice His life for us. God sent His only son into this world to bring joy, happiness, and peace into our lives. He also brought the greatest gift which is Salvation to us all.

It seems like people have forgotten what Christmas is really about. It is not all about the decorations, giving presents, the feasts. Don’t get me wrong I love decorating and giving presents too during Christmas, but let’s not forget its significance.

Let’s take time to reach to people by showing love and kindness, and it shouldn’t stop there. Love and kindness should be practiced always and not only during Christmas.

As we celebrate the birth of the saviour of the whole world, let’s remember how He loved us, and let us all love one another as He did and commanded.


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Bukola Orry is a Nigerian/Italian lifestyle blogger. She covers everything about fashion, natural hair, motherhood, faith, and so many lifestyle topics. She shares interesting topics that many people can connect to.

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