A day out in mama’s dress

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m sharing with you how I styled my mum’s old dress.

My mum gave me this dress last year summer but, I wasn’t bold enough to wear it, because it is sleeveless and I had this thing in my head about my arms and how flabby they are. I still haven’t come over “this thing” but I can say I’m trying to get over it and believe I’m still beautiful with my flabby arms and “mummy tummy”😁.

So, today I finally decided to rock this simple dress. I love the mix of stripes and floral pattern. The attached belt made it easier for me to style because it’s quite big.

I complemented my look with my PVC flats that a friend gave me last year summer, I’m happy they finally fitπŸ’ƒπŸ½. I got the bag from the flea market five years ago.

My mum is tired of my sister and I always raiding her closet🀣. She’s happy now that I have two daughters and she believes they will do the same to meπŸ˜….

So guys, Is my sister and I the only people that do this? πŸ€”

Please share your stories with me, I love stories 😍.

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Bukola Orry is a Nigerian/Italian lifestyle blogger. She covers everything about fashion, natural hair, motherhood, faith, and so many lifestyle topics. She shares interesting topics that many people can connect to.

30 thoughts on “A day out in mama’s dress

  1. You look so beautiful in the dress. Who would have thought it was from your mum’s wardrobe? I particularly love the floral pattern of the dress.

  2. This dress looks amazing on you! I love getting dresses from my mum’s wardrobe too. πŸ™‚

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