Friendship is a close relationship between two or more people.

In the world we live today, the word friend is taken for granted. People sometimes confuse a friend for an acquaintance, who is someone you recognize by sight or know but you don’t have an intimate relationship with the person. We most times call people our friends without even knowing them deeply.

So, today’s topic is “Do we need friends?” My answer to this question is YES. We need friends but not everyone is meant to be your friend.

We need friends that can add value to our lives. I once read an article that says that adding values to someone else’s life is one of the most important things you can do with your life.

Some people’s aim for your life is to take away your happiness, and your substantial resources. Spending time with these people makes you lose focus. We should aspire to have people in our lives who can inspire us to be better people. We should be friends with people who motivate us to attain our goals and objectives in life.

I once had a friend who had the mentality that there’s no need for a woman to waste her time going to school because she will end up in a man’s house and she will be taken care of. She spent her time clubbing and doing nothing with her life. One day I asked her “what you want to do with your life, what are your dreams and ambitions?” and she said to me “enjoying my life to the fullest and get married to a rich man”. I tried to change her way of thinking by encouraging her and educating her with my words, but she failed to listen, so I said to myself ” Bukola, you have to back off, that is not the type of person you should be mingling with”. That was the end of our friendship, but we still greet each other whenever we see ourselves.

I’m not someone that has so many friends because real friends are hard to find. We live in a competitive world where people get angry when you reach a milestone. We need people who are happy to see us succeed and not fail.

We have to start spending time with good people. One of my favourite quotes is, “If success is important to you, don’t hang around with people who have no ambition”.

An adage I grew up hearing from my parents was ” SHOW ME YOUR FRIEND AND I WILL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE”.

We all need friends. We need good friends who can support us through thick and thin, and encourage us all the time.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think we need friends in our lives? If no tell me your reasons, and if yes, what is the most important quality of a good friend?

picture source: pexels

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Bukola Orry is a Nigerian/Italian lifestyle blogger. She covers everything about fashion, natural hair, motherhood, faith, and so many lifestyle topics. She shares interesting topics that many people can connect to.

7 thoughts on “DO WE NEED FRIENDS?

  1. This is great sweetheart. I’m a friend because I have values and very ambitious and whenever come across what’s unlike me I quickly switch off. I think and believe friendship starts in ones heart…

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